Move over, Hollywood! Kim steals the spotlight on the red carpet with a stunning look that oozes glamour and confidence. Her fabulous body is pure perfection.

On the evening of July 20, a mother of two made a daring fashion statement by donning a bra-top and a see-through dress at the launch of a new fashion store in Los Angeles.


Kim Kardashian made an appearance at the event sporting some daring and provocative attire that left little to the imagination. The 36-year-old celebrity confidently flaunted her enviable hourglᴀss figure, which she had been working hard on for the past 3 months with the help of her new fitness trainer.


Kim Kardashian, the wife of Kanye West, maintains a slim physique similar to that of her teenage years, with a noticeably toned abdomen and no extra body fat.


Kim has been favoring bralettes and crop-tops lately, as they not only accentuate her well-toned abs but also emphasize her alluring bust. She finds this alluring yet comfortable outfit to be both fashionable and beneficial for her health.


Kim showed up to back up her dear friend Olivier Rousteing during the launch of his new boutique in Los Angeles.


Olivier Rousteing, a prominent designer and creative director of Balmain, a French luxury fashion brand, has collaborated with Kim and Kanye in numerous advertising campaigns.


This fashion brand has designed the same see-through dress that Kim Kardashian wore to the event.


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